10 Things I Love Sunday- Er... Monday

I was at my parents' house this weekend (for Mother's Day) and the combination of my shitty Windows laptop (I'm a Mac girl) and their dial-up internet made editing this post (so many pictures) a nightmare. So, I just quit before I truly fucked it up and just waited til I got home to finish it.

1. Why Don't You Love Me by Beyoncé Music Video

I love this song and the video is so cute! It's all old school 50's housewife cute outfits and comical little skits. As well as Beyoncé just being sexy.

2. Courtney Milne Photography

My parents have a couple of his books, which is where I first saw his work. I always love looking through the books. Nature is so beautiful and amazing.

3. Crows

I love crows. They're one of my favorite animals. I think they're beautiful and I love their noise. Did you know you can teach them to talk like parrots can? When I'm an old lady I'll have a pet crow that will sit on my shoulder and say rude things to people. Yes, I will be the crazy old lady in a big scary house that the neighborhood children call a witch.

4. "I got class like a '57 Cadillac"
I want this book.
(FYI: Smoking isn't classy anymore. Once upon a time when we didn't know better, sure, but now we know better. It's disgusting.)
5. A Good Question

6. Machete Trailer

7. Thoughtful Graffiti

8. Zoe Kazan
I just think she's really cute. I really want to see her movie The Exploding Girl. Watch her be all cute and silly in this video for NylonTV.

9. "I'm jealous of your cigarette and how you wanna suck on it."

Why do all the hottest boys smoke? The last two boys I really liked were smokers.

10. COCKS!

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