La Photo Cabine of the Day

I love these frames! Omgzzzzzzz!

I bought some sunglasses from Dollarama today to see what I could do with them. As in, pop the lenses out and do yarn frames or keep the lenses in and decorate another way. I thought these were pretty awesome sunglasses for a dollar, but when I popped the lenses out I saw how freaking cute they really are! I love weird glasses! As I mentioned before, I have a face for glasses, so I love wearing any type of frames. And I've recently decided that because of this I need to start collecting all sorts of different frames. So, I'm keeping these for myself just in case I can't get another pair from Dollarama to decorate (I'm thinking yarn would be cutest) but I am definitely making another trip to Dollarama soon for lots more cheap sunnies! Dollarama definitely let me down by not having packs of small rhinestones (lots of kits with multiple sizes, but I just need the small size) but the discovery of these frames alone makes up for it.

I love you forever, Dollarama!

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