I'm SAD ✚ Tuesdays with Tish

’Tis the season to be sad, I tell myself, it’s not just me. Debatable. Yes, lack of sunlight and the cold and the snow affects my overall mental state. But I’ve also got my own shit dragging me down, so it’s just compounded, I guess.

Let’s stick to blaming Winter. Winter makes me feel trapped. Trapped in a lot of clothes. Trapped between piles of snow. The world around me is literally more cramped and smaller. Everything is hidden. I only see sidewalks (sometimes) and roads. I wrap myself up, tighten my muscles against the cold and stiffly walk to a bus. I go from inside to inside as quickly as possible. Even when the sun is out, I cannot enjoy it because I still need to be outside as little as possible. Actually, my office doesn’t have windows, so I lack sunlight all year and the fluorescents give me headaches.

It’s almost over, I tell myself. It’s February. Just 28 days and then it’s March. March will break Winter. That annual March heatwave that melts everything and confuses your wardrobe when you suddenly need to wear shorts but haven’t shaved your legs in three months. It’ll get cold again and then there’s always that snow storm in April but then that finally melts and it gets warmer and the sun is still out even once you’re home from work. Ah, the sun.  Yes, before I know it, I’ll be out on my balcony in my sun hat. I’ll also be in a sweatshirt and possibly a blanket but I will be OUTSIDE BY CHOICE! Yes, soon. Soon…

So, I was shopping for a S.A.D. lamp and found this epic review, which I share here as a photo of a screen I took earlier because when I went back to the item to find it and link or screenshot it, I couldn’t find it.

I’ll probably still be sad, but the light may help me be more productive while sad by helping me stay awake past sunset at 5pm.

A couple years ago, there was a heatwave in February (thanks, climate change) and I got fired. Unrelated. But a day you get fired is not a good day, and yet, when I got home from being fired, I went outside to shovel snow. In a hoodie. In the sun. And, like, it felt good to be outside in 12ºC in the sun even if my life just got kicked in the dick again.

In conclusion, I am sad and have S.A.D. and the percentage of each in my overall bleh-ness is unclear, but I’m going to shine a bright light at my face and see if I’ll start doing more than watch Bob’s Burgers in the evenings.

Searching for Schitt's Creek gifs reminded me that I need to start watching the new season before my gif searching gives me spoilers!

See you next Tuesday!

Bonus Material: If you want to actually learn about Seasonal Affective Disorder, my brilliant friend Nancy wrote about it on her biomedical blog because she's AMAZING! Read it here. Do it.

Core Desired Feelings ✚ Tuesdays with Tish

How do you want to feel? It's a better question to ask yourself when setting goals and making plans than just What do you want to do?

There's a woman you should know about. Her name is Danielle LaPorte. Her voice is silky smooth yet strong, she's poetic yet commanding, and she tells it like she sees it. I get her weekly newsletters, read her blog, and have read two of her books; The FireStarter Sessions and The Desire Map. I knew about Danielle's concept of Core Desired Feelings and the Desire Map before I got my hands on the book. So by the time I got to the part of the book to choose your Core Desired Feelings, I already had three in mind; Joy, Accomplishment, Connection. My process of choosing my Core Desired Feelings for me was about taking these words that felt right and doing a self-check on not just future goals (how I want to feel) but check them against previous life experiences when I felt my best; why do I love doing what I love doing?

I use my Core Desired Feelings to guide me. Big goals, daily tasks. Sudden desires that pop up- should I really do this? Well, it would give me one or more of my Core Desired Feelings in a big way. Then I should do it. Daily, I check in- am I making time today to do what brings me each of my Core Desired Feelings?

It's all about feeling good! I want to feel good! I want to be happy! My Core Desired Feelings are why I've done what I've done and why I want to do the things I want to do in the future.

One might choose Happiness, Gladness, even Peacefulness, but Joy is the word that came to me. A moment of explosive Joy (there is also a peaceful Joy- I’ll get to that) that I will always remember is when I took a road trip with my BFF Juliana to my hometown area; for my own nostalgia, a Harry Potter event, and my desperate desire to see my beloved Lake Huron again. I got glimpses of it as we took a winding cottage road for the last leg of our journey to the small town where we’d booked our motel room. We unloaded our bags and immediately walked the two blocks down to the lake. I couldn’t contain my big smile and clutched my chest like my heart might leap out of it.

When I described it later to my boyfriend, “My heart exploded with joy!” is the phrase I used. That’s what I want in my life. Moments of exploding Joy. Moments when nothing else matters, nothing crosses my mind, no problems matter right now, all I feel is good and right. Life is complete; this moment is happening. I am in the moment. Joy finds me and grabs me and makes me pay attention. Past pain is forgotten. Future worry doesn’t exist. It is only this moment; this Joy. That’s how I feel when I am at the lake. When I'm near water. When I'm skating. When I am surrounded by my bosom friends, laughing my ass off about who knows what. Explosive Joy comes in moments, as the adjective suggests. A burst of Joy. It brings you into the moment- but it doesn’t last forever. When I first stepped down on the sand, I was exploding for a few minutes. As Juliana and I walked along the shore on the smooth rocks, my Joy explosion settled into a simmer. A peaceful Joy. My heart was full, but no longer overflowing so much that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t help but slightly smile as we walked. The Joy wasn’t overtaking my brain so much that I was completely present. My mind wandered. I felt grateful that I had the chance to have this trip with the only person with whom I could have wanted to take this trip; grateful for the kindred spirit walking next to me. But my mind also thought of my boyfriend; what it would be like to be walking here with him. I thought of other things that make me happy. I thought of all the Joy I would feel throughout the next few days with my best friend. I thought of my life and myself. All with a peaceful Joy in my heart keeping me grateful, positive, optimistic, satisfied. That is my Joy; explosive and peaceful.

I like getting shit done. Well, sometimes I don’t always like the act of doing it but I like having it done. I don’t always want to clean up but I want a clean apartment. And I want that feeling of Accomplishment that I get after I finishing cleaning. I did it. I am not useless. I did something. When I thought of things I like doing and how my Core Desired Feelings (as I was deciding if these felt right) fit with them, making videos hit all three. Any creative work/creation brings me Joy, putting stuff on the internet is a desire for Connection and, of course, making something is an Accomplishment. Particularly editing, my favorite part. Every little piece of the puzzle I put together while editing gives me that little dopamine(?) rush of Accomplishment. Speaking of puzzles, I've recently picked up the hobby of jigsaw puzzles as it gives me those constant little Accomplishment boosts for every little piece I put in place.

I love the feeling of a job well done. Or at least done. I don’t need to be the best housekeeper, but damn if it don’t feel good to know I actually did all the dishes today. I love to-do lists so I can keep track of my accomplishments. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting out of bed before noon on a Sunday. It’s going grocery shopping when I need food. It’s also all day every day at my job. Small tasks like replying to an email. Big tasks like finishing a page on the website. Little tasks that add up to big tasks like successfully preparing for and running a film festival. Accomplishment is my most daily Core Desired Feeling. I get it in small doses all day everyday. It keeps me going.

When I first thought of Connection, I was thinking of my connection with other people. The Connection with people I desired but never got from putting content on the Internet, my Connection with my dear friends, my desire for the Connection of a romantic relationship.
Thinking more about it, I felt something was missing and I realized I had other connections I desired. I wanted to feel more connected with myself, and actually that was an important connection I was already working on all the time. I talk to myself constantly, analyze my life and thoughts. I definitely need a healthier Connection with myself mentally.
It may be because I’m getting older but I’m feeling I need to connect more with my body. I need to be more aware of what I'm putting in it, what I’m doing with it. I want to be able to use my body. I don’t need it to look a certain way or impress anyone with my athleticism (ha). I just want to feel like when I want to move a certain way, I can. I am not my body; but I do live in one. It’s the connection from my mind (my self) to everything in the world around me. So I want to make sure I can sense everything and use my body to live in the world.

I also crave Connection to something more. Not people. Not myself. The world. What is that feeling that I crave about being near water, or sitting in a park under a tree, or walking through a cemetery? It’s a certain kind of Joy, yes. It comes from connection to nature, to the world. I get it when I am out in nature. I’m also so glad I moved into an apartment with a balcony because when I’m starting to get too in-my-head, or I feel like my world has become very small (aka inside my phone), I step outside and I am reminded that there is a world out there. There are people living their lives. There are trees and grass and wild animals. There is a river I can barely see, clouds in the sky and a setting sun, stars and moon and galaxies far far away. It helps me level out to remember my place in this world; very small, yet connected to everything.

So, that's how I want to feel. When I'm having a bad day, I try to remember my Core Desired Feelings and do something that makes me feel one, or make plans to do things that will make me feel that way.

How do you want to feel?


See you next Tuesday.

In the Movies Ep 47: 2018 Recap

Tish and Juliana recap what they watched in 2018.

Things You Should Read
The Celluloid Ceiling
Inclusion in the Director's Chair

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My First Official Bad Date Story™ ✚ Tuesdays with Tish

I didn't know what to write today. Yes, today, the day I need to have this done. Because I am a procrastinator and it would just be too easy for me to take time on the weekend to write. Nothing on my mind today (that I'm ready to write about) so, here's a story.

So, I thought (incorrectly) that swiping through dating apps (Bumble and Tinder, if anyone cares to know) would help me move on or whatever. Like, seeing that there are "other fish in the sea" would give me hope and help me up out of my "I'll never love again!" depression. Well, surprise, surprise; everyone is garbage. Seriously, Ottawa. You are full of mediocre white men holding dead fish. I am not impressed. And I think I must not be my type of woman's type. I never match with many women but every man I swipe right on is a match. 

This was in December, which was way too early for me to be looking to date (in my grieving process, I mean) and also the most terrible time of year to date. Right before Christmas? Awkward timing. Everyone's busy. When I did match with someone, she said "How are you this evening?" and I stared at the text bubble and thought of my honest response: I'm sad and lonely. So, I realized I am in no place to even be entertaining the idea of dating right now and I should just delete the apps and try again later. 

It wasn't much later, but when my Christmas break from work started, I guess my thinking was that my two week break would be a good time for dates to happen, if they were to happen. So, I ended up on Saturday before New Year's with two dates booked; a coffee date with Monique and a drinks date with Patrick. (Not changing the names, who the fuck cares.) You know us bisexuals, we always gotta have one of each on the go. That's how it works. Coffee date went fine. Fine as in we got our drinks, we sat and talked, and although I felt pretty much right away that I would never want to hang out with this girl again, it's pretty easy to sit and chat with another woman. After an hour, we said nice to meet you and never texted each other again. Fine. 

My date with Patrick was at 8pm... I was home by 8:30pm. I was a bit late because I didn't want to be early. Found him at the bar, we said hello, and I immediately knew I didn't like him. Look, we'd been texting for a couple days. He seemed to get my sense of humour (not match it, but go along with it at least) which isn't so much of a sense of humour as it is I'm a bitch and people think I must be joking but I really am a bitch that hates everything. So, I thought there was potential; we got along, he was decently attractive, he was a musician so we both had creative pursuits. But then he opened his mouth. It wasn't his voice, exactly, it was his tone. Perhaps you've met someone like this. He spoke in a tone/cadence/something that someone would use when they are speaking to a crowd. A self-important, slightly patronizing, public speaker. I was very turned off and quite baffled. The bartender asked for my drink order before I even sat down, so here I was feeling an awful mix of alcohol (sipping too often to cover awkward pauses) and anxiety in my stomach. How was I going to get through the hour it would take me to slowly sip this drink (very low alcohol tolerance) with this guy I couldn't stand to talk to? I tried. A little. I didn't have it in me (I never do) to fake pleasant small talk. What a waste of time to get to know this guy and tell him about me when I know I'll never see him again. So, as usual with me, he carried the conversation. I'm bad at remembering to reciprocate questions but I managed to a few times. And he would take a good three seconds to think about his answer and then give, in that speech-giving voice, a overly-detailed-self-important answer. I mean, he was a vinyl snob. I cannot handle a guy telling me about how vinyl just feels different and you really appreciate the music when you just sit and listen to an album. I had a smirk on my face the whole time as I tried not to just laugh at him and roll my eyes. 

So, between my lack of questions and my short answers, he could tell I wasn't into him. But this is what finally broke him. He was telling me about the kids he teaches guitar and said he got lots of drawings from them for Christmas and he asked if he could show them to me... (Hi, reader, if you don't know me, allow me to fill you in on something fundamental to my personality; I hate kids. Don't want to see them, hear about them, be around them, no thank you, they are tiny demons. Oh, also about me; I just really don't know how to talk to people who aren't already my best friend. I sometimes act too casual with new people and forget my acquaintance manners, you know, like using inside jokes or assuming they know stuff going on in my life. Okay, so back to the story.) I was so thrown off my someone offering me something I so obviously would hate, what came out was "...Will I hate them?" (aka I WILL HATE THEM) And he was like "What? I don't know." "What are they like bad drawings of you and a guitar?" "Ya, pretty much." and I, dreading anything that would make this awkward date worse just said "No, I don't want to see terrible drawings by children!" He didn't laugh about that as much as I did, no surprise. Awkward silence, sip drink, before I could think of a change in conversation he asked for our bills, put down his cash, grabbed his coat, saying "Nice to meet you" and left.

The relief! Bless you, sir. It would have taken me much longer to get the courage to just bluntly say "Well, this isn't going anywhere, I think we're done." Thank god he just got up and left! I looked around like, did anyone see that and should I feel embarrassed? Because I just felt the least anxious I had all day, it was practically euphoric. So, I just took my time to take one last sip, pay my bill, get bundled up for the cold and left. I just chuckled to myself as I walked home thinking "Well, I got my first bad date story." Okay, I also thought "Confirmed: I am a miserable cunt who drives men away and he (my ex) is the only person who could ever love me so I will never love again and die alone."
I levelled out a few days later and came to a more sane conclusion of simply; I am not ready to and/or interested in dating. So, back to the usual ice cold black hearted Tish you all know and love. Fine by me. I have better things to do than deal with date induced anxiety stomach pain.

Quite proud of myself, frankly, for driving someone away by simply being myself. If you can't handle me at my merciless mocking, you don't deserve me at my... I honestly can't think of anything good I could bring to a relationship if you don't enjoy dark sarcastic mockery...

Stevie gets it.

See you next Tuesday.

Leap of Faith ✚ Tuesdays with Tish

I rarely look at my Facebook feed these days. No one posts anything I care to see, frankly. Certainly not those terribly made quote-over-image things from pages like "Things Only Moms Get". But the other day I saw one I liked because the painting had Little Red Riding Hood vibes and the quote was surprisingly relevant and timely to me.

Leap of Faith by Lucy Campbell 
"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, 
so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

As I've mentioned, but not expanded on, I have been having *a time* for the past couple months after the end of my long-distance relationship. I feel like I reached the tipping point somewhere around New Year's; I realized I had moved from denial & depression into acceptance. I was no longer indulging myself in sad relatable songs. I no longer found myself fantasizing scenarios in which we could get back together. I had finally accepted my reality; denying it was why I was hurting so much. So, it would seem I have let go of the life I had planned. I clung to it for a while, but I have accepted that I will never have that life. (Of course, that is when he rises from the dead to send me a completely mundane inconsequential message just to fuck me up BUT I'M NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW.)

Being willing and able to let go is very tough for me. I don't like letting go. I'm stubborn as fuck. I never let anything go. I hold grudges like a muthafucker. If I decide on something I will not change my mind. I have to have it. So... falling in love and wanting nothing more than to be able to be with the person that I love but having to wait and wait and wait and then finally say goodbye IS NOT OKAY WITH ME. SPOILED BITCH GETS. WHAT. SHE. WANTS. So, no, I'm not "over it". But I have let go of it. Those two things are different, apparently. If you're hoping for some advice, all I've got for you is... time. It just took time. I tried to be kind to myself, not trying to force myself to stop thinking about it, just let myself *go through it* and told myself there would come a time when it didn't hurt so much. I got there when I got there.

Okay, so, I've let go of the life I had planned. What is the life that is waiting for me? I guess that's a rhetorical question. You don't know, do you? You'd tell me if you did, right? Letting go is tough for stubborn Scorpios, but once you have really let go, you get to enjoy that exciting "the world is my oyster" feeling.  -pause while I look into the origin of that phrase because wtf oysters are small and gross but the world is big and amazing-  Okay, apparently, I am ready to find a pearl in a gross oyster. I've got a lot of free brain space now that it's not obsessing over heartbreak, so I'm enjoying all the creativity and ideas rolling around in there now. I could do anything! I'm gonna wear bawse suits and write and make stuff and be good at my job! And eat oysters! jk ew no so gross

It's a double Moira with some very good advice. Maybe I need to take some risks.

See you next Tuesday.

Tuesdays with Tish: Will I Ever Grow Up?

This week I am back at work after two weeks off- thank god. I was going a little nuts at home alone for so long. I somehow couldn't manage to get together with any friends during that whole time, so my only socializing was family for Christmas, two bad dates, a hair appointment, and a last-minute radio appearance. I watched a lot of movies, as planned. I cleaned, organized, and un-decorated my apartment which means now my living room is immaculate and the rest is full of the junk I want to be rid of. I feel like I went through a roller coaster of emotions and mental health conditions in those two weeks. (For a couple days, I couldn't shake the near-constant anxiety-induced stomach pains, which just created an anxiety circle of anxiety over my anxiety.) So, I am very glad to be back in the office with my lovely coworkers before I got to rocking-in-the-corner level of cabin fever.

Does anyone ever really feel like they are the person that they want to be? Recently, maybe since I turned -gasp- 29 two months ago, I've been trying things to feel more... grown-up, I guess. I've been shopping for more 'nice' clothes because I want to feel confident at work. I looked around my apartment and decided things need to come off the walls and shelves because too much decorative stuff is cluttered and silly and not my decor style. I love my apartment, but if I were to invite, say, an older-than-I co-worker, I'd be so embarrassed like “Hey, wanna come over to my little clubhouse that I decorated and like to pretend is like a real house?" I am one person; I know that a one bedroom apartment is the right size for me (and a vast improvement from the bachelor basement apartment I lived in for most of my twenties). And, yet, I still feel like a teen who is just playing grown-up. I buy these nice clothes but then worry that I look like a kid playing dress-up. Like when I was a kid or a teen and I would find a new thing or style or garment and think it was so [whatever I was into] but looking back, I didn't look like that movie character when I wore that coat because it wasn't actually that similar and also way too big for me. “Am I just kidding myself?” is a sentiment that hasn’t gone away.

Am I just still at a transitional age when I'm realizing these grown-up things are not so grown-up? When I think I've got a part of my life top-notch, I see someone who seems to be doing even better at that. More advanced. A level up. One important thing I learned about "adulting” (Can we retire that word, please?) in my twenties is that we're all adults, actually. And we're all messes. We just have different shit to deal with. You think someone is more "adult" than you because they own a house and you rent an apartment? That just means they got house ownership shit to deal with while you have apartment rental shit to deal with. Some people accumulate more shit and different shit, but we're all just dealing with our own shit one day at a time. Don't compare your shit. Have I said 'shit' enough? I'm a great writer.

And, of course, I'm also struggling with a lot of these seemingly grown-up things come only, or at least easier, when you have a partner. I'll never own a house, or a car, or go on interesting vacations. I can't afford that stuff on a single salary, and I don't want to travel alone. I spent over a year thinking that I would soon have that partnered kind of life, imagining all the things we could do together, and what a lovely life we would have together. ("I'm fine!" she says, unconvincingly.) But with everyone around me moving through life with a partner, I really feel like I'm missing a big piece of that adult life. (Wait- did I just want a boyfriend so I could get a nicer apartment?)

The thing about New Year’s resolutions and whatnot is that there is never a definitive end/beginning of any part of your life. Everything is just changing and transitioning and happening all the time at the same time. And you never feel caught up or complete or done or enough. There’s always more/better that you want to do. And I just had two weeks of time to let all these thoughts of inadequacy and changes I want to make float up to the top of the brain soup where I can see them. So, I guess there’s nothing to do but keep trying to change into the person I want to be, knowing that I’ll never feel like I’ve got there because who I want to be will change as I change.

Alexis, who has changed and grown a lot, knows you can't compare yourself to others.

See you next Tuesday.

Tuesdays with Tish: New Year, New... Something

I could say “I’ve been meaning to start this for a while” about most projects I start. And then they usually don’t last long.

So, I’ve been meaning to start writing Tuesdays with Tish, which started many years ago as a weekly vlog, as a weekly personal blog post/essay/newsletter-type thing for a while. I’ve been writing bits n pieces for that while, but had that debut anxiety I guess. Knowing I never keep up with various series that I start (See: Everything I’ve done on YouTube and this blog) means I already know how this will end before it begins. When I saw that the first day of the calendar year happened to be a Tuesday, I figured I’d roll with the New Year clichés and start something at the beginning of the year with the intention of continuing consistently throughout the year. I guess we’ll just see how that goes.

I do my yearly reflections and goal-setting around my birthday, but for the sake of a theme let’s pretend January 1st means new beginnings, etc. Setting a point, like the beginning of the calendar, as a before/after point means there are things ending and things beginning. And some things that just continue. Changing everything doesn’t make sense when some things are still working for you. So, I’ve been thinking about what I’m leaving behind in 2018 and what I’m bringing with me into 2019.

The biggest thing I’m leaving behind in 2018 is the one I most unwillingly have to leave behind. I was in love. The relationship, and the potential of the relationship, ended abruptly two months ago. I’ll be able to write about it someday. Not today. And, so, I bring with me into 2019 a complete disinterest in dating. I did actually go on a date just a few days ago and it only confirmed that I am a) a miserable bitch that hates everyone and no one can stand to be around and b) not ready to date. At least I got my first  Bad Date story out of it.

I’m leaving hair bleach in 2018. I got my roots done black yesterday so I can let my colorful hair grow out and eventually it will be just black again and I will have my non-bleach-damaged hair back. So silky and smooth. I’m bringing my wardrobe into 2019. My exclusively black, white, and grey (but mostly black) wardrobe that has been losing graphic tees and gaining blouses over the year. I own pants that are not jeans now. I’m a grown-ass lady, I tell myself.

A post shared by Tish Chambers (@tishchambers) on

The identity of “introvert” really helped me be comfortable with myself throughout my twenties. I soaked up all the introvert memes that made me feel understood and validated my socializing style. Socializing with groups is draining, but one-on-one connections are fulfilling. My social anxiety eased up along with this as I stopped worrying about being the weird quiet girl standing in a group and started confidently standing there quietly because I just didn’t want to talk and I knew that’s okay. But, lately, “introvert” isn’t feeling right. I’ve started wondering if I’m not actually an extravert with social anxiety. Because the thing is; I love attention. In fact some of my social discomfort can come from feeling ignored when I want attention. Okay, this is a bigger issue, clearly, but as I work on my anxiety shit, I am going to let go of “introvert” as an excuse for behaviour, or as a limitation in my behaviour. In 2019, I give myself permission to be extraverted when I so feel like it. And work on what is my personal socializing style and what is that pesky rude anxiety telling me what to do.

Last year, I let go of the idea that I am, or will be, or want to be a “YouTuber”. For one, that doesn’t really exist anymore. Or not in the way it did when I started YouTube and wanted it to be my way to other things. Because that’s the thing- I never really wanted to be a YouTuber. I wanted to do what YouTubers were doing post-YouTube. But I thought I had to start with YouTube. I could never stomach doing the trendy YouTube stuff, anyway, so I wasn’t trying very hard, was I? Last year, I just made a few videos for fun. I had a vision for a song so I just made it. So, bye YouTuber, hello, maybe, Filmmaker? Video Essayist? I got some ideas, but as you know, I struggle with follow through.

A big personal thing that I am glad to be bringing into the new year with me is my Core Desired Feelings. Danielle LaPorte created this system of identifying how you want to feel and using that to guide your goals and life. I settled on three words that felt right; joy, accomplishment, connection. That’s how I want to feel and how I feel when I do the things I already know I love to do. Winter’s not the easiest time to dig your way out from a depression hole (S.A.D. is real, folks) but I am ready to keep my focus on my CDF as I leave things behind and look forward to new goals.

Alright, that’s all I got today. I’m going to go get a fresh start on the new year by doing laundry, I guess.

See you next Tuesday.

(Ya, I think these are going to have to end with a Schitt's Creek gif.)

In the Movies... Ep. 46: Santa Claus Logic in Movies

Tish and Juliana talk about the (lack of) logic of Santa Claus in movies. There are some major logic problems with the believability of Santa, but there's one big one that's never been addressed in movies and we need to address it now. And then Tish outlines her super inclusive (and logical) The Santa Clause trilogy reboot ideas.

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Quizmas 2018

The Doctor's Companions Ep. 72: History is a Whitewash

Tish and Juliana talk about Season 10, Episode 3 “Thin Ice” and Episode 4 “Knock Knock”. We find out that Regency England was a bit more black than in the movies and people made of wood live forever if you make friends with the alien cockroaches in your house.

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