La Photo Cabine of the Day

I didn't have anything to show off today, so I just made faces. My tongue is blue from eating sour candies left over from the Dora piñata massacre.

I spent today organizing my front closet which is basically storage. I must be really good at compacting because I now have three empty boxes, but I didn't throw that much away. Organizing makes me feel soooo good. I'm also in the midst of changing all of the stuff on my walls. I can't decide between just putting tons of stuff up to fill them up, or to be more selective and only put up the best stuff and keep themes together. Right now I have one wall of just my art.
I could keep writing about how I'm planning on organizing everything in my apartment, but I know that that is only exciting to me.
I'm going to try to get into bed before 1am tonight because my parents are coming to pick me up "early" tomorrow morning. I thought it'd be nice to go visit them for the weekend since Sunday is Mother's Day. Hopefully while I'm there I can go into town for some shopping (cheap craft supplies from Dollarama!) and get my mom some flowers and/or a gift. Oh, that reminds me I have to make her card tonight. So maybe bed at 1:30am...


Josey said...

Lol, apparently I'm easily confused. Every time I check your blog there's a new header and for a few seconds I think I'm being redirected to something else lol.

Tish said...

Ha ha ha. Ya, wanted a cleaner, simpler, whiter nice layout so I needed a new header but kept changing it cuz I wasn't satisfied. But I'm happy with this one now, so it's here to stay. For now. lol