For Runaway Girls Week Seven, our challenge was to create ourselves as a superhero. My superhero (more like just a cartoon character) was Pixie. She's basically all the cute aspects of my look, personality & life. She has bright red hair, which I used to have. Her superpower is her movie knowledge and ability to recreate scenes from movies. Her weapons are cupcakes. Her sidekick is Pinkberry, my toy dog. Her turbo booster is TaB Energy, which I am obsessed with.

I had the idea to create a cartoon version of myself before I did this challenge. This was my first sketch I did.
It's not very good, I know. I drew it lying in bed so my perspective was a little off.

And then I did another sketch, and colored it with crayons, for my Runaway Girls challenge.

I really didn't mean for her to look so angry. I was just trying to draw eyes like Bratz but I guess I did them a little slanted.

After that sketch and the challenge of coming up with her superpowers, sidekick, weapons, etc. I started considering more seriously creating a comic starring the character Pixie. I've never been into drawing cartoons, so I knew I'd have to practice drawing and come up with my own cartoon/comic drawing style. I did some research looking at different drawing styles. I really liked manga/anime but not the eyes. So, this is what I came up with.

I think she's really cute and I'm excited to start drawing her more in different poses, with different facial expressions, etc.

My goal is to start doing a comic. I also might turn the comic images into a video (basically just a slide show of the comic frames) and give the characters voices, put in sound effects, and music.

So, what will this comic be about? I have some ideas for the general story line, but no specific adventures yet.
I think that Pixie will be on a quest to find the source of FaB (what I've renamed TaB Energy) because Pixie survives on it and her supplies are running out. She will go through many different lands (Possibly known fictional worlds like Oz, Wonderland, Narnia, etc.) and meet lots of friendly and not-so-friendly characters on her travels. I think I need one major villain/nemesis for Pixie to be constantly running into and running away from. Perhaps someone who is also after FaB or wants to destroy it. Pixie will ride a scooter and her silent sidekick, Pinkberry, will ride in the basket.
I want to incorporate The Little Pink Book into the comic somehow. Maybe Pixie has it and it's like her guide that she consults for help. Maybe that's what the villain wants. Or maybe The Little Pink Book is what Pixie is searching for instead of FaB.
Pixie will have cupcakes as weapons, but they won't all be traditional weapons. Some will be fun things like Disco Cupcakes. When she throws them, they explode glitter everywhere and everything the glitter touches turns to disco. So if she threw it into a group of bad guys, disco music would start playing, their outfits would change to disco and they would all start dancing disco. I don't want Pixie to be violent, so her weapons would be funny things like that to distract her enemies rather than harm them.

Those are just some of my ideas. Let me know what you think! I want the comic to be cute and funny, which will probably be hard for me because Pixie is based on so many personal things. I need to make her relatable to more people.

There are a lot of things inspiring the character of Pixie and her world, so I will be posting some "Pixie Inspiration" posts in the next few weeks. So you will be able to see how Pixie and her story develop.

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