My Life Lately in iPhone Photos

It's been a long time since I posted some baking class photos. So, here is my life in iPhone photos of the past couple months...

Drawing in seeds in baking class.

Stretching out the dough to make strudel.

My Hooters bottle holder.

German whiskey (I think). We couldn't figure out what the third last letter was, but I posted this on Facebook and my cousin said it's Winkelhausen.

Sparkly glasses!
A photo taken through the sparkly glasses.
"Woah, dude. I have like, 13 hands..."

Reading Alice in Wonderland in the park between classes.
Sacher cake. I have no idea why you write the name on this type of cake.
Sewing cat ears onto my hoodie.

Mocha cake
Petite Fours Glac├ęs (I did the designs on the yellow & orange.)
Saturday night at Kim's house means Rockband.
Tina, Neily, & Lou
Kim sings. I just watch.Goji (the cat), Lou & Neily

Kim's mom gave me cancer daffodils.

I love these crazy shoes.

Dancing with myself.

Article in Maclean's.

Enjoying the nice weather in my parents' backyard.
Reading The Wizard of Oz in the park between classes.

I haven't taken any baking class picture lately because they have a really strict cell phone policy at the college. If you even touch your phone in a class, the teacher will take it away. And they'll probably give it back at the end of class. But technically, the rule is if you use your cell phone in class they take it away and you get expelled forever. Ridiculous. So, that's why I haven't been whipping out my phone to snap some pics discreetly. But school's over now, so no more baking class pictures anyway. I'll be sure to take pictures whenever I bake at home, though.

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