Coming Attractions

There are a lot of impressive looking movies coming out this summer. Here are some I'm looking forward to seeing.

Iron Man 2

I loved Iron Man, so I am really excited to see the sequel. Robert Downey Jr., action, comedy, and Scarlett Johansson in a tight leather suit. Oh, I'm excited.


I love interpretations of fairy tales. I think this has the possibility of being a little too cheesey with the predictable story line. But I also think it has the potential to be a really interesting, dark movie. I think I'll like it.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This looks so much fun! I love the combination of live-action with comic book "POW!"s and "WHACK!"s. Michael Cera looks like he's actually doing something a little different from his same old awkward dead pan comedy. Like he's actually a different character, not just Michael Cera. I think this movie will be a really funny story told in a really unique way that we've never seen before.

Happiness Runs

I knew I would like this movie as soon as I saw the poster for it. Visually, I loved the look and the girl in the fairy wings. I like stories that uncover parts of a story you thought you knew. Like the trailer says, they were never supposed to grow up. I think it's like a utopia-gone-wrong story. Characters rebelling against their society, challenging rules. I'm interested to see more of their lives and see how it all ends.

The Last Airbender

A different kind of movie for M. Night Shyamalan. This looks like an amazing, dark, fantasy, adventure. I am so ready to get into this world of the four element nations and their wars. Not to mention I'm looking forward to seeing Jackson Rathbone in something different.

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Shan said...

i was just watching the scott pilgrim vs the world trailer again. it looks SO good!!! and i realized there seems to be quite a few connections between that and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i wonder if that was intentional. i think beastly looks amazing too. i'm not much of a fan of vannessa hudgens or alex pettyfer, but the film looks promising. it's based on a book. i've had it on my booklist for months, but have yet to read it. oh, well. nice post, thanks for sharing!