Thinking About Dying My Hair...

I haven't dyed my hair another color since I dyed it from bright red to dark brown a year and half ago. I've dyed it dark brown again a few times because it has faded. My natural hair color is dark brown, but it fades because of the bleach underneath.
I want a change of hair. I've never gone this long without cutting or dying my hair. I've been growing it out for almost three years! My hair is totally fried from all the bleaching (it was bright red for over a year- that means bleach under Manic Panic) and then dying. That's why I'm only considering semi-permanent color. Also, because I don't want a permanent color change. Just something different for a while. My long term hair want is still elbow-length, wavy, dark brown hair.
So, I'm thinking a nice dark red. Well, it will have to be dark, since it's going over dark brown and semi-permanent means no lightening chemicals. I've had various shades of dark reds and burgundies over the years (I've been dying my hair since I was twelve) so I know I like it. I'm looking forward to a change.

Here's some visual inspiration of the color I'm hoping for.

Some of those pictures are a little more orange than I want, or a little brighter than will be possible, but they're pretty pictures. You get the general idea.


Anonymous said...

you will look super cute with or without, just remember, you will have to pay to keep this up :)

Tish said...

actually, the point is i won't keep it up. that's the semi part of semi-permanent. :)