Pixie Inspiration: Me!

As I said, I'm going to be sharing some inspiration for my Pixie character/comic. My main inspiration for Pixie is myself. I originally created her as a cartoon version of myself. Not me exactly, but the cute, cartoonish parts of me. The time in my life when I was most like Pixie was when I was living in Thunder Bay, going to Film School. I had bright red hair and dressed in bright colors and cute, girly clothes.

For example; here's a photo my friend took on an average day at school. Orange and pink eye shadow, rhinestones around my eyes, and colorful hoodies.

My friend, Linda, sent me this for my 18th birthday. It pretty much sums me up at that time. The outfit is exactly what I wore in a video I made called Pixie in the City to show my friends my new apartment.

Here I am dressed up super colorful and crazy for a friend's film.
That outfit isn't really much crazier than I wore everyday.
[P.S. I made that dress a long time ago and I'm fixing it up (I did a pretty shitty sewing job) and going to sell it on Etsy eventually.]

I've always wanted purple irises. I thought they would look really pretty, especially with my bright red hair. So, I photoshopped myself purple eyes in this photo. Pixie has purple eyes.

I copied this picture from one I saw on the internet. I changed a few things to make it more like me like the red hair, pink everywhere else, and the heart & crossbones on the ring (a Ruby Gloom symbol that I really liked for a while.) This is basically how I saw myself and wanted to be at that time.

This picture is just so "Pixie". I look about ten years old, not eighteen. It's all bright colors and big eyes and cute. Totally Pixie.

Here I am on my 19th birthday, the end of my "Pixie" phase. A couple days after my birthday I dyed my hair its natural dark brown and it's been like that since. I was just over that cute phase. I wanted long, brown hair and my fashion style was changing from bright colors and cute dresses to more natural colors, more casual.

Although I'm not trying to look like a red-haired cartoon character anymore, I'm still Pixie on the inside. I love bright colors, cute things, cupcakes and being like a little girl, cute and silly. Pixie really is like one of my personalities inside of me, turned into a cartoon character. She'll always be a part of me, but as I grow older, I have to "grow up" which means no more crazy hair and clothes and only caring about cupcakes and cuteness. This character and comic is a way for me to keep Pixie alive. I can forever be a little girl with red hair having adventures with her toy dog, Pinkberry.

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