My 20.5 Birthday!

It's my half-birthday today! Yup, I'm twenty and a half now. So, I thought today would be a good time to review my 20 Things to Do Before I Turn 21 list to see how I'm doing with those goals.

1. Sell art, crafts, clothes, etc. on Etsy
I'm getting closer to this goal. I've been making stuff and sketching ideas. Once I feel I have enough products, I'll open my Etsy store.

2. Finish draft of The Little Pink Book

I've decided to cross out this goal. It's no longer a life goal for me to write The Little Pink Book. I just really have no business writing a book of advice. I have no life experience to draw from. Maybe, someday I will but for now it's not a priority.
I think there will be a Little Pink Book in my Pixie comic, though.

3. Road trip
So far, I have made no plans for this. Kim and I will probably want to go camping this summer, though. So, maybe I can convince Kim we should go somewhere that would require a bit of a journey. I've been all over this country camping with my family, so I know good places to go and where to stay along the way.

4. Save money
Besides a hidden stash of cash I add to once in a while, I have no money saved. I'm working on getting a job, though, so once I'm making money I can save money.

5. Read the Bible
I haven't read any of the Bible since before I made this list. I've just had too many novels to read, and I still do. So, I probably won't read the whole Bible before I'm 21, but it's something I'll be working at.

6. Learn French
I still haven't touched the French book & CD I bought in September. Maybe now that school is done, I'll feel like learning something else. I just never seem to have the patience to sit down and put in the CD and do a lesson.

7. Have a website

I'm not sure if this goal is still necessary. This blog is my main site that links to everything else I do online. Maybe before I'm 21, I'll feel it necessary to have a, but we'll see.

8. Create my own fragrance
Haven't done this yet. Someday I'll go to The Body Shop or somewhere and play with fragrances.

9. Sell cakes
This is one goal I'm actually about to start! Kim and I are going into business selling cakes and teaching cake decorating classes. We're still in the planning stage, but it's something we're definitely going to do soon. We need to get ourselves organized and start getting the word out.

10. Make friends
I definitely did not make a single friend at school this year. I was friendly and chatted with people in class, but I definitely did not make any friends. Not even on Facebook. I'm fine with that, most of those girls were annoying.
However, I'd say that I did make some friends. I've been hanging out with Kim's brother Neil. He used to be just Kim's brother, but now I'd say we're actually friends on our own. And I'd say Tina (Kim's mom's friend) and I are friends. I love her because when she's drunk she tells me how much she loves me and how beautiful I am. Plus she's just crazy and fun. And then there's Kim's boyfriend, Dave, and Neil's friends Steph & Holly that I've hung out with. I guess I'm kinda friends/friendly with them.
I've made friends online! I met Re & Marcia when they joined Runaway Girls. And I've sort of rekindled some high school friendships with the girls that joined Runaway Girls. And I hung out with Jess & Monica for Valentine's Day.
The point is that I hang out with more people than just Kim now, so that's a big improvement.

11. Have all-nighter in Kemptville
I haven't done this yet, because it's a Summer activity. This will definitely happen. Hopefully when Jason comes to visit from Victoria. He's the mostest funnest. We'd have so much fun running around Kemptville all night.

12. Enter every contest/draw

I've been entering all the giveaways on my favorite blogs lately. The more I enter the more I can win!

13. “No rules, no fear.” No excuses!

I am full of excuses and fear. I really need to work on this.

14. Finish a script

I haven't worked on any of my movie ideas. Just haven't been in a writing mood.

15. Write a story

Like I said, haven't been feeling like writing. I don't know if I'll actually do this one. I suck at creative writing. Although, I am working on my Pixie comic. That's a story. So maybe I'll allow that to count as this goal.

16. Make music
I just started playing my guitar again a few weeks ago. I haven't gotten it out in about two years. It feels so good to be making music again. I've missed it. I haven't been writing anything original. I've just been learning new songs and generally playing around with it.

17. Get a pet

Definitely not doing this one. First of all; a pet costs money, which I don't have. Secondly; the plant Kim gave me lasted about a week before it died. I should not be allowed to take care of other living things. I can barely take care of myself most of the time.

18. Get a job

I've been handing out resum├ęs this week! Hopefully I'll have one soon!

19. Lose 20 pounds

Ha ha ha ha. Yeah, right.

20. Get involved with a charity

Not yet. And I have no ideas besides maybe joining Monica sometime when she goes to a protest or something. She's vegan like me and always getting involved with stuff.

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