Fashion Friday: Like a Virgin

Dress: Rachael & Chloe (Winners)
Shoes: Midtown (Zellers)
Sunnies: Claire's

I love this dress. It's just so pretty. White + Lace + Ruffles = Pretty. It would look better if I didn't have boobs, though. I undid the top buttons so it wouldn't look stretched. The dress is actually two pieces. The under dress is a white tank top style dress with ruffles at the bottom. The over dress is all lace, button-up with ruffles along the bottom. I should have taken a close-up of the shoes. They are possibly the cutest shoes I own.

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Anonymous said...

That dress is gorgeous! Although the sunglasses don't really go with the overall look.
You should be glad you have big boobs! Some girls that are flat as a board wish theirs were bigger (including me)!

Josey said...

Ohhhh loving this dress! I've been looking for something similar.