10 Things I Love Sunday

1. Roller Skates

I really want a pair.

I love these!

2. Lights

I can't stop listening to Lights!

3. Birdcages

[I have that smaller necklace! Look!]

4. Paper Man Trailer

5. Resumé by Dorothy Parker

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp;
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

6. Dane Cook - Isolated Incident

7. Cuts of Meat Dress

Find it here on Etsy.
She also has it in two other dress styles. I am so tempted, but I think over $50 for a jersey dress is too much. Even though it is amazing.

8. Drunk History

These are hilarious! Really, really drunk people tell the story of an historical event and famous actors dress up in really bad historical costumes and re-enact the story, lip-syncing to the drunk person's words, hiccups and all.

I want to start doing similar videos, but instead of historical stories (Because who actually knows or cares about history? No one I know!) I was thinking of having them tell stories of movies, fairy tales, books, or other stories. I'm not sure I would do the re-enactments with the lip-syncing like they do, but maybe I could use the movie clips if it's a movie. Well, we'll see if I can get some drunk people to tell me stories first.

9. Cooking Mama

I played Cooking Mama a few years ago on a friend's Nintendo DS and loved it. The other day I downloaded it for my iPhone. It's just a really simple game; you chop, peel, mix, etc. to make a recipe. I was playing it and had to rip of a shrimp's head and take off it's skin (or is it a shell?) and I tweeted "I want a vegan Cooking Mama game. I feel bad ripping off the heads of virtual shrimp." My lovely vegan friend, Monica, saw that on my Facebook and gave me the link to this:

It's horrific and amazing at the same time. You have to rip the feathers off the turkey then kill it. And it makes sad painful sounds while you do. Try it out, and think about what animals go through before they're killed the next time you eat an animal.

10. Marie Antoinette Posters


Carrie said...

That's so ignorant of you to say no one knows or cares about history. First of all, they teach history in high school EVERY YEAR, and even before that. Just about every year of school from K-12. You've gotta be a total dipshit to not know about history by now. Second, I know TONS of people who are interested in history. We wouldn't have anthropologists, archaeologists, archivists, historians, political scientists, or lots of other professions if no one was interested in history. Don't be stupid. Think before you say things like that.

Tish said...

All I meant was that any of my friends would probably not be able to tell me an historical story when drunk because they don't know any. But I guess that's because we're all just ignorant since we didn't take History past grade 9 because we didn't want to be anthropologists, archaeologists, archivists, historians or political scientists. Not everyone has to be interested in history.
And, for god's sake, I was talking about making videos about drunk people telling stories, not making a comment on the state of society. Lighten up.

Carrie said...

Maybe next time you should be more specific so that you can avoid getting in cyber-arguments with crazy bitches.
And I never said everyone had to be interested in history. But just because you and your friends aren't, doesn't mean NO ONE is.

Anonymous said...

"(Because who actually knows or cares about history? No one I know!) "

Hey you, Crazy Bitch, or Carrie, whatever. I believe that says, "NO ONE I KNOW"


READ shit. then maybe you won't be embarrassed in an online Cyber-bitch-fight.

:) that is all.

have a wonderful day :)

-Addie :)

Carrie said...

Then she must have some pretty stupid friends. Maybe you thought your little comment was genius as you were typing it, but I'm not in the least bit "embarrassed" by it.


Anonymous said...

OOh you have really eclectic cool taste I love your curated images!