Easter Weekend

I suppose I'm a little late posting about Easter, but I was busy this weekend enjoying the weather, hanging out with Kim, spending time with my parents, and generally enjoying my time away from my apartment, computer and internet. I'm actually quite proud of myself for barely Tweeting all weekend and not compulsively checking Facebook and blogs and sites. That's why I didn't do Fashion Friday or 10 Things I Love Sunday posts for last week.

So, now I'm back home. I didn't have Monday off like most people (damn college). I've been kind of... down... lately. Although I had a really good weekend away, it's always hard for me on Sunday nights/Mondays when I'm suddenly alone after being around people all weekend. So, I had a hard night last night, but today I'm focusing on good things.

+ Cleaning up my apartment because seeing a nice, clean, organized apartment around me makes my brain feel nice, clean and organized, so I can actually focus on things.
+ Working on blog posts I've been working on/been meaning to write.
+ Making plans for making money. First of all, I need to get a lame job in a store or something. But I also need to start making plans to start making wedding cakes/cakes. (My mom actually suggested that to me this weekend, which was odd, but nice, of her since she never encourages any of my creative plans.) And making dresses, t-shirts, aprons, sleep masks, pillows, jewelry and other goodies to sell on Etsy.
+ Make my Runaway Girls Week Six video. I haven't done one since Week Two. I feel like I'm being a bad example as the creator/"leader" by not making videos.
+ And, of course, I have a million little things on my TO DO lists that I could do today. Creative things and just get-this-done things.

Blog Posts You Can Look Forward to Seeing Soon
+ Kim and I did Pysanky (we call it Spanky) on Sunday
+ My life lately in iPhone pics (including baking class)
+ My Favorite Music Videos
+ my product ideas to sell on Etsy (mostly sketches)
+ what my dreams mean & why i'm crazy
+ some silly & salacious pictures I took while playing with Kim's toys

This is one of my favorite YouTube videos. I was going to post this on the weekend, but it actually seems more appropriate to watch it after Easter is over.

Happy Easter!


Josey said...

OMG Tish! You're alive! I was begin to get a little worried as I wasn't seeing any fb updates or blog updates but then I remembered it was easter weekend, haha.
Anyway, I LOVED that video, especially the last of the chocolate bunnies. Very intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I love your to do list, we have a lot of the same things to do! <3