Dino Love

Today in class, while scooping raspberry jam onto linzer paste, I suddenly had the urge to watch Jurassic Park.
I realized that I don't have it. I don't even have it on my list of movies to get, which seems like a great oversight on my part. It's not really a gem of a movie, but it's entertaining enough. I don't think I've seen any of the sequels, so I want those too.
I think I'll buy the book as well. I read it in grade 12 English class and I really loved it. I didn't think I would because the movie wasn't my favorite. I love books that incorporate science into the story. Jurassic Park has a lot of science and interesting pre-historic knowldge in it. I love to learn something new while I enjoy a good story. That's why I love Dan Brown's books (The DaVinci Code).

So, while those movies are downloading, I thought I'd blog about dinosaurs.
Let's start with some pictures of dinosaurs and dinosaur related items from weheartit.com
Oh, dear, LORD, I hope this is real.
Oh, I would LOVE this!
Dinosaurs in Movies & Telly

Katie of Skunkboy Creatures made this adorable dino.

My friend Josey had a toy dinosaur in her first student film, Addiction Salée.
(That's not Josey, that's Kelly.)

I was in the film. So was my BFF Jason.

One of my t-shirt designs.

Addie and I gave our friend dinosaur toys for her birthday and took these.

This is my dino egg I made on Easter with Kim.
(There will be a blog post soon with lots of pictures of us doing pysanky.)

I really want one of these.

After looking at all these pictures I really want some dinosaur paraphernalia and toys.
Do you love dinos? Did I miss any famous dinos?


Josey said...

YAH Dinosaurs!!! I love dinosaurs!
Also, yah my film!
He's definitely appearing in my new film! He always makes a special cameo.

monster said...

I loooved reading Jurassic Park back in high school! Yay, dinos!

There was WD's Dinosaurs: http://www.zml.com/content/covers/46000_3.jpg

And whatever this movie was: http://thesouthpaw.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/were_back_a_dinosaurs_story_ver11.jpg