10 Things I Love Sunday

1. Gilmore Girls
I'm currently going through all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. I always have a TV show that I play in the background all day. I've watched the entire series several times. I'm still not sick of it. I discovered a lot of good movies from looking up all the stuff they reference in their speed-talking rambles.

2. Spring
It's been lovely warm weather for the past week. Spring is on its way! Except that this week there will be snow! Well, I'll make it through it and it will get back to Spring soon enough, I hope.

3. Phil of the Future
There was a time in my life where my sleeping schedule was controlled by Phil of the Future. It was on every night at 2am, so I would stay up to watch it and go to sleep after.
Sure, it's just a silly cheesey Disney channel show, but I loved it. It was funny and so cute. Especially the two stars, Ricky Ullman and Alyson Michalka.
I'm currently downloading both seasons. I miss it!

4. Feel It in My Bones by Tiesto ft. Tegan and Sara

5. Green Converse
I really want a pair!

6. Braces
Okay, no one actually loves having braces. I was remembering when I had them and all that came with that. Getting food stuck in them, putting wax on them when they hurt my lips, having elastics going from top to bottom, having a retainer after. I actually still kind of have braces. I think it's called a permanent retainer. It's like braces on the back on of my bottom teeth.
Speaking of teeth, one of my wisdom teeth as been coming in for a long time, but lately the gum its breaking through has been sore when I chew back there.

and my favorite girl with braces... Sky Ferreira
7. My friend Josey's Blog
I wish she had told me about it earlier. It's awesome. We write about a lot of the same kind of things (but she has more food, less fashion) and we link to all the same favorite blogs. I also got the idea to add the "reading", "watching", etc. on my blog like she did on hers. Check it out!

8. Fonts
I recently downloaded a bunch more fonts from 1001 Free Fonts. I love fonts!

9. My Headboard
Check out the DIY here!

10. I want this...

Some things I definitely do NOT love this week...

Having to actually do school work outside of class. The most I normally have is studying for tests and handing in review questions once in a while. I have a big assignment due tomorrow that I still haven't started. I hate school work.

The weather forecast for the coming week. Back to freezing temperatures and snow.

Kim is too busy with school to play with me.

Having Addie tell me that the boy is a jerk and I need to forget about him. For a second time. She's right, but it still sucks.


Josey said...

Ok, let me start off by saying: green convos are my fave and rock my socks off! Unfortunately I've been wearing my red ones as of late as my green are reaching their wearable peak. Le sigh!
Second point: OMG! You have no idea how happy the inclusion of my blog into your post has made me! Plus I just noticed that you also added me to your friends list! I've been planning on making one of those: add my blog buttons, so when I finish it all up, I could totally do one for you too if you want! Let me know!
Once more, love the blog!

monster said...

I've wanted a pair of yellow converse for the longest time. I keep seeing them in the stores but I never buy them! And your last bit - YES. Indie boyfriend FTW.

Also, I'm totally nicking your idea of 'Watching, Listening, Reading' etcetera for the side of my blog. Mine is currently plain and boring.