Lemme Twitter Dat!

I follow some pretty interesting people on Twitter, so I thought I'd share them with you and explain why I follow them. I follow most of them because it's an easy way to see blog updates to all my favorite blogs in one list. They are in order starting with the people I most recently started following, just because that's the order they are in when I look at my list on Twitter.

Ian Somerhalder - uh... cuz he's hot.

Sarah Silverman - she's funny. "My dog's breath smells like all the farts in the world passed through my grandpa's teeth. True story."

Zoe Kravitz - she's cool.

Daveigh Chase - she's cool and i'm obsessed with S. Darko.

Waffles + Falalfels Girls - i'm still trying to figure out what exactly they are, and they tweet funny, random stuff. "we watch movies not films"

Riley Keough - she's cool.

Daydream Lily Blog - blog updates.

Holly Neufeld - crafty girl, blog updates.

Jillian Mercado - she's the girl in charge of Buzz Video Blog Net.

Sky Ferreira - she's a cool bitch. "me and @mattirwinlondon just stumbled upon some guy jacking of on Chat Roulette we said nice tattoo,he stops and types thanks."

Katie Haddox - crafty girl, blog updates.

Rachel Denbow - crafty girl, blog updates.

Ke$ha - she's a badass chick, i love her music.

Le Blog de Betty - blog updates.

Naomi Davis - blog updates, and she has the cutest bulldog ever!

Katie Shelton - crafty girl, blog updates, one of my favorite blogs.

Leigh-Ann Keffer - crafty girl, blog updates.

Maedchenmitherz - crafty girl, blog updates.

Bleubird Vintage - crafty girl, blog updates, one of my favorite blogs.

Jessica Whitmore - my friend, and fellow Runaway Girl

Skye Sweetnam - cool chick, love her music.

Elsie Flannigan - crafty girl, blog updates, one of my favorite blogs.

Ashley Greene - uh... i dunno, she's a cool, young hollywood girl.

Zooey Deschanel - okay, she's only tweeted three times, but it's Zooey Deschanel!

Cory Kennedy - she's cool, blog updates.

Audrey Kitching - she's cool, buzznet updates.

Kat Dennings - she's cool and she tweets funny. "Vancouver? I barely knew her!"

Stevie Ryan - she's cool and makes videos.

Hanna Beth - she's cool, buzznet updates.

Camilla Belle - she's cool.

Raquel Reed - she's cool, buzznet updates.

Twinkie Chan - she's crafty, she's cute, she's cool, blog updates.

Kora Burnham - my friend, fellow Runaway Girl, amazing artist.

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