10 Things I Love Sunday

1. Florence and the Machine
Especially Drumming Song. It's intoxicating.

2. Charmed

One of my favorite shows that I can watch over and over again. Like I have been the past couple weeks. I like seasons 4-8 more than 1-3 because I don't like Prue (Shannen Doherty.)

3. My Dream House
Is this not the cutest house you have ever seen?! It's like Polly Pocket meets Dr. Suess meets every little girl's dream!

4. Feathers
The most beautiful things come straight from nature.

5. British Telly

Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Skins both started new seasons recently. Two of my favorite shows. Thank god for downloading or I'd never be able to see all this amazing British telly that I love.

6. Cute Cupcake Sayings7. Fake Mugshots
Stevie Ryan
Lady Gaga
Miss James from one of my favorite blogs, Bleubird Vintage
I did my own mugshots as part of a Runaway Girls video idea.

I love Ke$ha's music. (Hate that she uses a $ in her name. So lame.) Look what she and her friends did.

But then today I found out it was all fake.

9. Ian Somerhalder
My latest celebrity crush. Mmm... mmm... good.

10. Cute Valentines
I've never had a boy for Valentine's Day but I've always loved it. I go all out. Pass out Valentines, dress up cute & red, make cupcakes. This year I'm hanging out with some friends, going to eat Chinese food (because they want to celebrate the Chinese New Year as well), watching cheesey romantic movies and eating heart shaped cupcakes.
(this one is quite appropriate for me)

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