Under My Umbrella

I had a horrible Monday because of rain. Actually, not because of the rain but because of my ineffectual umbrella. I've grown to truly hate umbrellas. They don't work in the wind. Yet rain is always accompanied by wind. I end up walking with my umbrella almost horizontal in front of me against the wind, which means I can't really see where I'm going. So I often just don't use my umbrella and instead get soaking wet. For all these reasons, I want a clear umbrella. They're usually more curved than other umbrellas because you can get right up in there without impeding your vision. And I think it would be fun to be able to watch the rain drops fall on and drip down from underneath your umbrella.I am in love with this birdcage umbrella. I love pretty birdcages. I found it on eBay for $90. Too expensive for me :(

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