Movie Review: Down with Love

Synopsis ( Barbara Novak has just come down from Maine to New York after writing a book called Down With Love. The book instructs women to have sex the way a man does, and to detach oneself from love completely. Catcher Block is a successful journalist tapped to write a cover story on Novak. He blows her off at every opportunity to cuddle with flight attendants. However, when Novak's book is a complete success, Catcher finds himself being blown off by her! So he starts to write an expose and disguises himself as a naive astronaut named Zip Martin. But he can't imagine what happens next!
I want to live in this movie. It’s so pretty! So 60’s! The ladies’ outfits and Barbara’s apartment are why I want to live in the 60’s. I would watch this movie for the visuals alone, but I don’t have to because the story is as cute as the sets. It’s a darling little mistaken identity high jinks story with tons of cheesey (in a good way) 60’s style comedy. There are some very funny split-screen on-the-phone scenes that you just have to see. This movie is a fun, cute, funny, good-cheesey time with a ridiculous twist ending that just tops it all off.

Cheese Rating: 4/5 (but in a good way)
Hilarity Rating: 3/5
Drama Rating: 1/5
Quality Rating: 4/5
For Fans of: 60’s screwball comedies, cheesey happy ending romantic comedies
Final Verdict: So much fun! Good date movie as the story revolves around male & female stereotypes- good conversation starter.

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