My First Video for BuzzVideoBlogNet

I was recently asked to be a video blogger for BuzzVideoBlogNet on Previously, the page had a group of girls that video blogged (I hate the world "vlog" so I will always say "video blog") once a week each, talking about themselves and answering the question of the week. For the new year Jillian (girl in charge) asked a new group of girls to join. There are six of us in total, one for each day of the week (Sundays are for the new question/challenge video). We will take turns making up the question and challenge of the week. (I'm next week). I was assigned to Mondays, so yesterday I posted my first video. I didn't have much time or energy to make a video up to my usual standards, so my first video is just a little about me and, of course, the question and challenge of the week. I'm excited to be a part of a collaborative video blog site. I can't wait to see the other girls' videos and get to know them a bit.

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