I Stole Everything I Am From Movies

I've always copied things I liked from movies like fashion, objects, jewelry, etc. I didn't realize how really compulsively I do it until I watched The Nines recently. During the intro credits it shows hands braiding green embroidery thread and putting it on as a bracelet.

As soon as I saw this I paused the movie and went to my craft box to see if I had any green embroidery thread in my stash. This was before I had even seen the movie and formed any kind of emotional attachment or even knew what the bracelet meant.
I realized then that I might just be copying for the sake of copying. I think the deeper reason could be that I like having my own mementos of movies I like. And having something from a movie that not everyone has seen makes you feel like you know something that other people don't know and if they recognize it then it's like you're both in the secret club of people who love that movie.

But, we can discuss my serious mental problems at a later date. For now, here are some more things that I have copied from movies.
(Please ignore the fact that I am in my pajamas in all the photos)
Jennifer's BodyI just did my nails like this today. I've wanted to since I saw the movie a few weeks ago.
(they look orange in this picture, but they're red)

Pieces of April
The bracelet hand thing that goes up to her fingers. I used to wear cord like that for a while.

Home Room
Alicia's necklace
I wore this necklace (later with a diaper pin with a pink star bead on it) for most of grade 12.

Girl, Interrupted
I have wanted a kitty hand puppet for years because of this scene. I have yet to find the perfect one. Also, I have a yellow shirt similar to Lisa's that I wear when I feel like her.
I also bought a winter coat a long time ago cuz I thought kind it of looked like Lisa's.

In Her Shoes
I bought my (former) BFF Kayla and I the same purple scarf because this was "our" movie. This movie is also when I first heard "I Carry Your Heart" by E.E. Cummings which is now my favorite poem.
(I wear it almost everyday in the winter)

Me and You and Everyone We Know
I saw these pink flats at Giant Tiger and I instantly thought of the shoes from this movie so I had to get them and write "ME" and "YOU" on them.

The Rules of AttractionShannyn Sossamon always has the coolest short haircuts. I've copied her hair many times.
(i love this picture. ha ha ha. i'm lying like that because i was really cold.)

I was in love with this sweater since I saw it and I was ecstatic when I found one similar at Sirens.

S. Darko
I'm in love with this movie, especially the character Sam. So I wanted to copy her heart shaped sunglasses, of course.

The latest thing I want to copy from a movie...

CJ7 is a really cute Chinese movie about an absolutely adorable alien dog-like creature. When it dies (sorry to ruin the movie for you) it turns into this little plush toy. I desperately want one. I'll probably end up making one.

I've copied lots of other little things from movies as well as personalities, activities, and fashion. I'm really unoriginal. Most of my cool stuff is copied from a movie. If I do something or have something that doesn't make sense to you, chances are if you ask me what's up with that I'll say "It's from a movie."

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