Friday Night Fun

Kim came over Friday night and we went to Bulk Barn and then grocery shopping. We're really exciting people, I know. Don't you wish you were friends with us?

Bulk Barn
I loved all the names for the not-name brand candy like Sour Munchkins and Finnish Berries.Pretty colors of sprinkles.

Onto the grocery store...
And then Kim took control of my phone's camera...(Thanks for telling me my dress was tucked up in my sweater, Kim. And continuing to take pictures of my back.)

The reaching shot.

The cleavage shot.

It's like a clothing store in the middle of a grocery store.

The Kosher section. Blue for Jew?

Kim helped me find a salad dressing I might like since I only like caesar, but it's not vegan. I didn't get this kind, I got some basic herb kind. I hope I like it.

Kim calls this "cheating".

"I wipe my ass!"

Then we went home and watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks (my first time). In the end I realized it was a complete war propaganda film. The moral of the story is "join the army". Ridiculous.

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