10 Things I Love Sunday

Most of my favorite blogs do a "10 Things I Love" or "Pretty Things" on Sundays, so I thought I'd join in.

1. Turquoise
My iPhone case and notebook on my computer desk (that I painted turquoise, among other furniture).

2. Talking Animals
These are SO funny! Watch of them all on YouTube.

3. Orange Juice
I used to only like orange juice for breakfast, but I've recently started drinking almost a pitcher a day. It's just so much easier buying frozen juice cans than jugs of juice when I have to carry my groceries home. And my new favorite snack is orange juice and pretzels. The sweet, citrus taste complements the salty pretzels. Mmmm....

4. The South
I've had a thing for movies taking place in the South for a while now. This past week I watched Hounddog and it reignited my love of all things Southern, including the music. Not honky tonk country music, but the soul, blues, deep South music. I love how the South looks. All fields and forests and hot. People living a simpler life in small towns. That's the life I want. Simple. I used to hate the accent, but I've grown to love it. I especially love the Cajun accent.

5. Billy Zane
He was a total creep asshole in Titanic, but he was very cute, funny and oh-so charming on Charmed. And, boy, is he handsome.

6. The Vampire Diaries
It took a while for me to get into this show (it was too "high school" in the beginning) but now I love it. And not just because Ian Somerhalder is the hotness of hot. It's got tons of mystery, I'm always looking forward to what will be revealed next week.

7. My Humidifier
It's totally adorable (that's a bad picture- it's actually a nice bright yellow) and it works really well. I don't wake up with a dry nose and throat and I haven't had any nosebleeds since I bought it. I also love the metallic scent it gives the air. And I'm fascinated by how it works. It's like steam, but it's cold.

8. Birdcage Umbrella
I know I already blogged about this, but it bares repeating. I'm in love with this umbrella.

9. Diana Mini
I love the raw look of instant camera photos and old cameras like this. I want a Diana Mini soooo bad! Just look at the beautiful photos it takes!

10. Pretty Kleenex Boxes
Here are three I've bought recently that I am keeping to refill.
Have a lovely Sunday!

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