In the Movies Ep. 40: #50ShadesDrunker

Drinking Game
Basic Rules:
- title mentions
- when you can predict the next line
- when there’s a song to sing along to

Fifty Shades of Grey Rules:
Anastasia bites her lips. 
Someone says “Laters, baby.” 
Christian says, “That’s not what I do” or “I don’t make love” or “I don’t do romance” or any variation thereof
Christian is wearing tight jeans without a shirt, while Anastasia is fully naked
Anastasia’s eyes are covered by a hand, mask or improvised blindfold
Cunnilingus is implied but not explicitly performed
Female orgasm is implied but not explicitly denoted
You find yourself depressingly unaroused during an S&M sex scene.
A spank is administered
There's a weird closeup of hands
Christian appears out of thin air
Christian could be confused for a serial killer
Christian says a line that’s meant to be serious or sexy but actually just makes you burst out laughing
You see pubic hair
Ana and Christian refer to each other “Mr. Grey” and “Ms. Steele”
Christian tells her to eat, etc.
We added...
Ana speaks above a whisper 
It reminds you of Twilight

Fifty Shades Darker Drinking Game (FYA)
Take one sip when:
- Ana shows some spine.
- Christian shows some ass.
- Rita Ora is onscreen (Mia is a delight).
- A reference to vanilla is made.
- Christian is ridic controlling.
Take two sips when:
- Ana’s boss is a douchebag.
- Christian tosses Ana around like a sack of potatoes.
- You’re completely distracted by improbable lingerie.
- It’s patently obvious the actors have very different nudity clauses.
Take a shot when:
- The phrase "kinky f*ckery" is uttered.
- Ana gets hers. You’ll know it when you see it.
- Kim Basinger drops her napkin like it's a mic.
Chug any time:
- You think NOPE.
- You realize you are way too sober for this nonsense.

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