This Month in the Movies: May 2017

Tish and Juliana talk about what’s new in the movies this month; Wonder Woman's women, Cannes winners, the Born Sexy Yesterday trope, and Universal's Dark Universe. 

We Watched
Rara (Weird) [YouTube]

Ingrid Goes West [YouTube]
Deidra and Laney Rob a Train [YouTube]
Lost in Paris [YouTube]
Blind [YouTube]

Sofia Coppola is the second woman to win best director at Cannes in 71 years [The Verge]
Why the Women Ruled Cannes 2017, Even When the Festival Failed Them [IndieWire]
Jessica Chastain on women’s roles at Cannes [Vox]
Born Sexy Yesterday [Pop Culture Detective]
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Which Man Wrote the Worst Wonder Woman Review of All? [The Mary Sue]
Marvel’s ‘Silver Sable and Black Cat’ Taps Director Gina Prince-Bythewood [Variety]
When the Grip Is a Woman (and the Gaffer and the Camera Operator, Too) [NY Times]
What Is Going On With Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’? [Vulture]

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