This Week in the Movies: Nina, Gilmore Girls, Lilly Wachowski

Welcome to our first episode of 'This Week In the Movies'! We've extracted our recently watched/trailers/news segment from the beginning of each podcast and given it its own episodes! Between our regular (and irregular) episodes, you can keep up to date on what we've been watching, what we're looking forward to, and what's actually going on in the movies lately. That means our episodes will get straight into their topic with no small talk, just movie talk!
This first episode is a littler longer than we hope they will be, since we had quite a few things saved up we wanted to mention, future episodes should be under 20mins. (I say that, but, clearly, we can talk...)

Recently Watched
Into the Woods
The Zero Theorum
Saving Face
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot [Our spoiler-free review on YouTube]

Bee & Puppycat [YouTube]
Con Man [Vimeo]
Oscar's Hotel [Vimeo]
The Guild [YouTube]

Tonight You're Mine

Me Before You
Get a Job
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Mr. Right
Mother’s Day
Knight of Cups (Sexism in plot description, Indiewire)
Pete’s Dragon
Rio, I Love You
Nina (Blackface controversy, Buzzfeed)
Ghostbusters (Paul Feig on the controversy, Buzzfeed)
Captain America: Civil War

The Coen Brothers: ‘The Oscars Are Not That Important’ - The Daily Beast [Tumblr]
15 things we know for sure about the "Gilmore Girls" revival [Hello Giggles]
Second Wachowski Sibling Comes Out as Transgender [Variety]
IMDB’s rating system is “completely and irrevocably rigged” [AV Club]
National Film Board of Canada Commits 50% of Production Budget to Films by Women [Variety]

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