In the Movies Ep. 12: Drunk Hocus Pocus

It's not Halloween if you don't watch Hocus Pocus! We got drunk watching Hocus Pocus and then talked about it! But everyone knows Hocus Pocus, and if you haven't seen it in a while, then you should be listening to our drinking game rules, watching/drinking, and then finishing the podcast. So, instead of talking about the movie we all just watched, let's talk about... remedies for the colds we both have, my birthday plans, our plans to be the Sanderson Sisters for Halloween next year, the spider crawling up my wall, Juliana's crush on Billy Butcherson, Thackery's little sister fetish, our relationships with our brothers, my issue with how many colors should be in a rainbow, my hair cut, our high schools' arts and techs programs, the Descendants sequel and Juliana offends possibly everyone with her lisp, black sass, holocaust reference, and poor Spanish.

Yup, this podcast is all over the place and it's great! So, who wants to be Winifred for Halloween next year? Juliana is Mary and I'm Sarah, so...

Here are the rules I collected from various sources on the world wide web.

Drinking Game Rules
Binx emotionally says his sister’s name “Emily”
Anyone says the word “Virgin”
“BoooOOOoook!” opens its eye
The Sanderson Sisters get upset for being called ugly or old
You see Ernie’s “ICE” shaved head
Dani says the word “Yabbos” or cries or screams
Winnie says “SISTAHS!”
Winnie smacks/hits/shoves one of her sisters
The sisters cast a spell together
Sarah flirts with a boy
The sisters sing or dance
When the bullies call Max “Hollywood”
Binx dies and comes back to life
Billy Butcherson loses a body part
Whenever the Sanderson sisters are confounded by the modern world
Conversely, drink every time the Sanderson sisters have knowledge of things they should have been dead for
Shots for title mentions, Duh! 

Have a happy Halloween/Tish's Birthday! Drink responsibly! While watching Disney movies!

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