Chocolate Coma

This year, I was peer-pressured into participating in the Secret Santa at work. The reason I wasn't keen on participating is because I didn't feel I know anyone at work well enough to get them a present that they'd actually like. When it came to deciding what to get for the girl whose name I drew, I eventually came to the conclusion that everyone likes chocolate. After seeing these little dishes in the Christmas baking section, I dreamed up a little chock-full of chocolate dish. It started with a layer of chocolate fudge on the bottom, a layer of chocolate (with chocolate chips, of course) cake, a layer of chocolate pudding, topped with a chocolate crinkle cookie. The cake and pudding, I've made many times before but the fudge and cookies would be new recipes for me.

Fudge layer // Extra fudge cut into shapes
Cut out cake using the dish to trace a circle
Plopped on some pudding // The cookies were smaller than I had envisioned, so I filled in the top with three whole cookies and three thirds
I put the dish for my Secret Santa into a nice gift box // With all the leftovers, I made up some cake & pudding sandwiches topped with fudge and some cake & fudge crumble in cupcake cups

P.S. I've named the dish "Chocolate Coma" because when I described the dish on Facebook and asked if they thought my Secret Santa recipient would like it, my friend Mandy said "After they come out of their coma, yes."

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