Star Wars Movie Marathon Party

Maybe it's just me, as a movie nerd/cinephile/loser who lives vicariously through movies, but I am sometimes struck with the overwhelming urge to watch an entire series of movies. (Like that time I saw the trailer for Fast Five and decided that I had to watch the entire Fast & Furious series, despite never having shown any interest in that type of movie before.)

A while ago, Star Wars just popped into my head and I just decided it was time to watch the entire series, in order, in one day. I've seen all the movies, probably a few times each, but I don't think I've ever attempted to watch them all one after another.

And, so, tomorrow in an apartment far, far away (from you, probably, wherever you are) I shall embark on an epic movie marathon. Over twelve hours straight of Jedis, Sith, aliens, and both really good and good-for-that-time special effects.

I'm embarking on this journey alone because, well, I do everything alone. But if I had friends, I would invite them all over to join me in an epic Star Wars Movie Marathon Party which would include the following.

- watch all the movies (duh)
- grab anything resembling light sabers and fight!
- have a brother & sister kiss
- encase someone in carbonite
- reveal the results of a paternity test

Cinnamon Buns (Leia's hair)
Popsicles and/or freezies (Light sabers)
Pizza (Jabba/Pizza the Hut)

Easy Costumes
Jedi- Snuggie/bath robe/blanket/poncho
Han Solo- white shirt and vest
Chewbaca- don't shave
C3P0- gold body paint
Yoda- green facial mask
Storm Trooper- all white
Darth Vader or any Sith- all black
Amidala- something big & crazy
Leia- ear muffs

Clearly, it's a shame I am friendless because I could throw the best theme parties ever!

If you wish you could join me for this epic Star Wars fest, but can't (because I'm not inviting you), you can follow my epic journey to a galaxy far, far away on Twitter. Because as much as I love Star Wars, I have seen them all before, so I won't be so wrapped up in the story that I won't have time to make funny comments like how cute the Ewoks are or take a photo of my droid watch to prove my big nerd of an older brother was an influence on me as a kid.

May the Force be with you!

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