Under the Tuscan Sun

This post is actually left over from my Week of Italia. (I am so bad at following through with plans/completing things!) Which is silly, because of all the movies set in Italy, this is by far my favorite. I defy you to watch this movie and not want to movie to Tuscany and buy a villa. It's so beautiful.
The story reminds me a lot of Eat Pray Love, in that a woman fresh from divorce goes to Italy to "find herself" and what-not. She enjoys the country, has some adventures, has some love, has some heartbreak, and in the end lives happily ever after. In Tuscany. Jealous, much?
I watched this again last night (I'm home sick with a throat infection, unable to speak, so I thought watching some beautiful Italy movies would cheer me up) and it genuinely makes me want to move to Italy and just... hang out. I mean, as long as I have high-speed internet, I could live very happily in a run-down villa in the middle of nowhere Tuscany.

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