This is what I've been busy working on for the past few weeks! I'm launching a new cake biz! I previously had one with my friend, Kim, but now that's she's moving away, I'm going solo!

Even if you're not a potential customer, please check out the site! I worked really hard on the design and graphics. Not to mention, the cakes!

You could also help me out by liking my Skullcakes Facebook page. I need 25 likes to be able to get a username!


Eleni said...

Wow, your cakes are amazing! Particularly the 'Conception Cake' - that was hilarious! I'm not a business owner so this is just my opinion as a consumer, but might I suggest that you put more photos of the cakes (even little thumbnails, with links to more information elsewhere) on the homepage? I like the logo, and the conversational style of the site in general, and it's good to know more details about the cakes and their background stories, but I think as a potential customer, the first thing you would want to see is the products, and then if you like what you see, you'll want to find out more about the brand. Just my opinion!

Best of luck with your new business venture :)

Mandy said...

So excited for this new venture! I would order cakes from you all the time, if we lived closer. :)

Tish said...

Thank you both so much!

Eleni- That is a good point, and something I noticed. It's a super cute site, but it doesn't immediately show you what it's about. My solution/compromise is- because it's set up as a blog, each new cake will be a post. So, when I post my next cake, that post (with lots of photos) will be on the homepage rather than the "Welcome" post. So, once I get making cakes, there will always be cake on the homepage. :)