Eight Facts About Me...

Oh, look what my new blog buddy, Mandy has awarded me with. This is one of those "tagging" things going around, and, as I've never been tagged with anything, I figured I better honor this one. Not to mention, I'm flattered Mandy chose me.

Since I've been tagged, I'm supposed to share eight things about myself with you. While I just updated me About Me page with lots of random facts about me, I thought for this I'd do even more random, possibly even embarrassing, little-known things about yours truly.

  1. I rarely sleep through the night. I usually can only sleep for a few hours at a time and I wake up remembering very disturbing dreams. I never have nice dreams. Only unsettling ones. Common themes include; cigarettes (never smoked in my life), teeth falling out, being late, being chased, not having privacy in the bathroom, not being able to open my eyes.
  2. I played the flute in school grades 6-11. I'm no prodigy, but I do have a natural talent for music (thanks, Mom) so I wasn't bad. Recently, I've been missing it and I'm planning on buying my own as soon as I can afford it to start playing again. (Specifically, I've always wanted to be able to play this song.)
  3. I've lived in Ottawa for 18 months and only recently took the bus all by myself for the first time. I've always walked everywhere. I lived in Thunder Bay for 8 months and never once took the bus there, either. (And Thunder Bay winters are no fun to walk around in.) The major reason was my social anxiety about being by myself in crowds, especially when I don't know what I'm doing. But, as with most things I'm scared of, once I did it, it was no big deal.
  4. I used to collect pictures of Paris Hilton. It started out ironic because I didn't like her, and then I grew to really love her. But collecting the pictures wasn't a creepy obsessive thing, it was more like a habit. I had an entire wall of my bedroom covered in pictures of her.
  5. I really regret cutting off all my hair! I miss it so much! Thinking about the next three years of awkward, unflattering hairstyles while it grows back makes me so depressed!
  6. I can quote nearly every line from Gilmore Girls. I've watched the entire series so many times that I can't even remember. I thought about starting a Gilmore Girls video series with my best friend Addie where we discuss Gilmore Girls because we are both experts.
  7. I'm very interested in religions. I was raised Christian, my dad was a Presbyterian minister. But I was never into it. When I was 13-15 I was really into Wicca. I still really like a lot of aspects of it, but I don't consider myself any religion. I have my beliefs, and I think it's fine that other people have beliefs and organized religions, I just wish they would keep it to themselves.
  8. I've never done any illegal drugs, and proud of it! I do drink alcohol, but I don't get drunk. I've only been truly drunk a couple times, and it's just embarrassing and not worth it.


Mandy said...

Very cool list. We've got a bit in common!

And, I love your hair in your picture up top. I know growing it out can be hard, but I think it looks adorable. :) I wish mine looked that cute.

Tish said...

Ya, I know it's cute, but that's kind of the problem. I'm sick of being cute. It would be nice if people weren't shocked when I told them I'm 21, not 17.

Anonymous said...

I have social anxiety too, and I know it sucks. I'm always nervous going anywhere in public, and afraid I'll do something the wrong way. So you're not alone! :)

Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to be a vegan, and how long have you been on that diet?

Anonymous said...

Is veganism a touchy subject or something...?

Tish said...

No... Did I even mention being vegan in this post?

Anonymous said...

I was referring to my first comment. You never answered...? I noticed it says you're vegan in your about me, and I was just curious what made you decide to try that?

Tish said...

Oh, sorry! I totally missed that line of text and only read your comment part. Sorry!

I become vegetarian when I was 15 because, to put it most simply, I didn't want to eat animals. I didn't want to support the industry killing animals or have their flesh in my body. It just kind of clicked one day that it's wrong.
I decided to make the leap to vegan after reading the book Skinny Bitch. I learned so much about food and the food industry from that book. Having the cold hard facts about the meat and dairy industry put in my face like that, I just couldn't ignore it any longer. As much as I loved cheese and other dairy products, I just couldn't ignore the fact that cow's milk is for baby cows, not for humans.
When I say "I'm vegan but I'm bad at it" I mean that I'm not a perfect vegan. I do occasionally 'indulge' in diary products, such as chocolates around Christmas. Or I may eat a candy or something with a non-vegan ingredient like gelatin, glycerin, or milk ingredients. I also have no problem with eating honey, although 'technically' vegans don't eat it.
I never claim to be a fine example of a vegan. Both because I don't always obey the 'rules' and also because I don't eat a healthy, balanced diet like most vegans. (I hate cooking and love junk food- my bad!) Sometimes I don't like even calling myself vegan because then I have to feel guilty for 'disobeying the rules' as it were. I just like to say, I don't eat animals, but I eat whatever I want.
My friends and family will often say "Can you eat this?" And I'll respond "I can eat whatever I want. But, no, I choose not to eat that."

Now that I've written this ridiculously long comment, I'm thinking I should probably just write a proper blog post and my vegetarian/vegan journey.

Hope this answered your question, sorry I didn't respond sooner!

P.S. 'Anonymous', it'd be great if you signed a name with your comments just so I know it's the same person, not multiple 'anonymous's. If you'd like...