Woodland Birthday Party Inspiration

I recently decided that I am going to have a Woodland Wonderland birthday party this year!

I was inspired by this blog post about a woodland themed birthday party.

There will be... deer, bears, raccoons, chipmunks, acorns, leaves, trees, bushes, berries, tree stumps, birds, foxes, wolves, bunnies, toadstools, gnomes, hedgehogs, feathers, bird houses, wood and more!

I love gnomes!

I love toadstools!

All the cute animals!

Yummy (and adorable) food!

I think I'll make some sort of cute feather headband for all of my guests.
[DIY by Seablanket]

[DIY by Promise Tangeman]

Or maybe masks...
I'm so excited and it's still over two months away! I've even started working on invitations already. (Even though I don't really need them since there will be probably 2, maybe 3, guests.) There will be more inspiration/sneak peek posts of my party planning as the date gets closer.
October 31st is my birthday, if you were wondering. Yup, I'm a Halloween baby. =) It explains so much, I know.


cb said...

do you follow my barn owl blog? if not check it out it is super cute and they did a post on the same idea...i LOVE it, such a great idea. can't wait to see pictures of your birthday celebration!


Anonymous said...

Hey, aren't you vegan ? If so, why are you using feathers ? unless you are buying fake ones, or picking them up off the ground. just wondering. :)

Tish said...

Yes, I'm vegan. I'm a little torn about buying feathers for crafts, though. I love the look, but don't want to support the animal torturing/killing industry.
I never claim to be a "perfect" vegan. I sometimes still eat products with ingredients like milk proteins, I have no moral objection to eating honey, and I might possibly own some leather, but haven't bought any since I became vegetarian.
So, I will probably buy some feathers for decorations and accessories for my party. I simply cannot resist.