La Photo Cabine of the Day


I filmed my Runaway Girls video today and Pinkberry made a little cameo. I love her, but I don't play with her as much as I used to, so I took some pictures with her.

Today I went to Chapters & Michaels to hand out my resumé only to have them tell me that I have to apply online. So, later, I found out online that that Chapters isn't hiring and I did the longest application and questionnaire of all time for Michaels. Seriously, over 200 questions. Those ones where they give a statement and you choose strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree. Geez. All that and all it said was they would contact me if they were interested. I'm sure they won't be with my lack of job experience.

So, back to Michaels. I bought some rhinestones to decorate glasses. $5 for a pack of 160. I bought three. I don't know if that will even be enough for one pair. I swear, once upon a time I bought a pack of rhinestones from Dollarama. Which means they were a dollar. And it was way more than one of the packs from Michaels. Those frames are going to have to be expensive. I really hope someone buys them! I also bought small silver round beads to decorate glasses (not sure how they'll look), two candles; vanilla cupcake and ocean breeze and a pretty container.

Right now I'm baking chocolate cupcakes because I'm out of food (grocery shopping tomorrow) and I have chocolate cravings!

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