La Photo Cabine of the Day

I was going to do it four times with my four different glasses (and photoshop one of each together) to show how I look good in any kind of glasses frames, but I decided I liked all of these pics and photoshopping defeats the purpose of this crazy online french photo booth.
But seriously, I challenge you to find a pair of glasses or sunnies that do not look good on me. I just have a face for glasses. I always say it's a shame I'm the only one in my family (and most of my extended family) that doesn't need glasses. And then my friends who have to wear glasses say "Don't you dare wish that! Having to wear glasses sucks! You are so lucky you can see perfectly without help!" So, I just content myself with wearing "fake" glasses.
These are my Granny/Harry Potter (I even have a forehead scar to match his) glasses. I mean, seriously unflattering glasses on anyone else, but on me they manage to look cute. I don't mean to be conceited. It's just a fact. It's just my face.
I got these from an optometrist. I always loved going to this guy's shop because it was crazy awesome inside and also I love trying on frames. The uglier the better. I tried these on and we were all laughing at them and he said "You know what? I've had those forever, no one is ever going to buy them. You can have them." Eighty dollar frames for free, baby.

Amazingly ugly glasses and a great memory.

Oh, I feel I should explain the "La Photo Cabine of the Day" thing. Ever since I discovered La Photo Cabine, I've tried taking a set of photos with it everyday. I spend a lot of time at my computer every day, so taking a few snapshots with my iSight everyday will probably make a pretty accurate account of how I look/what I do every day. I haven't been using La Photo Cabine a lot lately, but I'm going to start making an effort to do one everyday. And post it here for you to see. Along with a little description of the photos and what I'm doing that day. It's an easy and interesting way to keep a sort of photo journal for myself. Definitely easier and more fun than using my digital camera or just Photo Booth to take a photo of myself everyday.

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Anonymous said...

actually its not a fact that all sunglasses look good on you. it's an opinion. your opinion. for example i could tell you right now that you look bad in all the glasses you wear in your pictures, and i wouldnt be incorrect. its subjective. and you do sound conceited sorry.