10 Things I Love Sunday

1. Shoes with Weird Heels
2. Anchors
The symbol of an anchor doesn't really mean anything to me. I have an anchor charm on my bracelet and it is the most annoying charm ever because it gets caught on everything, so I took it off my bracelet (pictured below) and put it on my locket necklace (not pictured.) And I decided I like anchors for jewelry and such.

3. Kansas City Shuffle
I've been digging kinda Southern, kinda country, mellow, hanging out on a porch with a guitar and a banjo kind of music lately. My friend Cory's band, Kansas City Shuffle, is kind of like that. It's a little country, a little bad ass, they sing about whiskey and girls. They're currently recording their first album, which will be out in April. Until then, you can listen to the song they have on their MySpace. And check out Cory's other bands, Darkness Rites and Sam Slick, while you're at it.

4. Biting Nails
I've taken recently to putting my fingers in my mouth. Not actually biting my nails, just kind of holding them with my teeth. I think I do it whenever I feel awkward and/or nervous or just bored and don't know what to do with my hands/arms.

5. Sky Ferreira
This girl is getting a lot of hype for her amazing voice and for being a 17-yr old LA party girl. I think she's pretty cool and so is her music. These are the three songs of hers that I have. Check out her MySpace for more music.

6. Crayons
7. The Pretty Reckless
You may know Taylor Momsen as Little Jenny on Gossip Girl, but she's also a singer. Although I pretty much think Taylor is a twat, her band's music is pretty bad ass. It's a little hardcore, a little rock, a little punk, a little pop, all over catchy and rock-out-able. Take a listen.

8. Effy Stonem
Skins is one of my favorite shows and Effy is my favorite character (of the second generation.) She's crazy (literally- manic depression or something), manipulative, a drug addict, and slutty. I love her. And her wardrobe. So jealous. Short dresses, tights, boots, massive amounts of jewelry, smokey eyes, messy hair. She's a hot mess. And her boyfriend Freddie is soooo cute. I want his wardrobe, too.

9. Ecstasy by JJ
JJ was on my 10 Things I Love last week because I had just discovered them and thought their music was pretty cool. But this week I am in love with their song Ecstasy. It's like a remix and/or cover of Lollipop by Lil Wayne. It has the same beats and melody, but different words. It's totally eerie and beautiful but catchy and groovy. Don't watch that video, just listen to it.

10. Arj and Poopy
What else can I say other than these are the funniest little cartoons I've ever seen. So many good jokes, I just fucking love every bit of it. Check them out on YouTube and their website.

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