10 Things I Love Sunday

1. Alice in Wonderland jewelry by Disney and Swarovski

Disney and Swarovski teamed up to create beautiful jewelry inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland movie. These are my favorite pieces. I wish I had someone rich to buy just one for me...

Tea Party Cupcake Pendant
Sparrow Pendant (replica of the one Alice wears)
Red Queen Cards Pendant
Red Queen Cards Ring
Mad Hatter Necklace
Tea Party White Rabbit PendantTea Party Tea Pot Pendant

Tea Party Donut Pendant

2. Skunkboy Creatures
This was my Love of the Week for my Runaway Girls video this week. They're soooo cute!

3. JJ
I found these guys on PerezHilton.com. He's right, the Swedes do make good music! (Lykke Li and Robyn, for example)
This is the only video of theirs that I could find.

Check out Perez Hilton's entry about them to hear more of their music.
4. Zombieland
I watched this for the second time Friday night. It's so funny. It's really gory but I can handle it becuase it's not scary gore, it's funny gore.

The Bible Game for PS2
The reason I have this game is a long story... Which you will hear when I finish making my video including clips of last weekend when a bunch of us played it drunk.

6. My Hooters bottle jacket
Addie got this for me on my birthday when we were at Hooters for lunch. I used it for the first time Friday night. I couldn't help feelin the boobs the whole time. And neither could anyone else. ;)
"Do you like my boobs?"
We decided it needs a push up bra. They're too far apart. It's weird.

Dane Cook

I haven't watched any of his stuff lately, but I saw a commercial for Vicious Circle on Friday night that reminded me that I love him. He's really funny and bonus, he's hot.

8. Pretty birds

from Color Me Katie

9. Marie Antoinette Inspired Fashion

10. The Magic School Bus

Oh man, I love this show. I learned so much from this show as a kid. Like why Arnold turned orange, what a hypothesis is, what molecules look like, how to get out of a glass jar, how to make a storm, and what happens when you swallow your gum.

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Anonymous said...

Dane Cook is seriously the worst comedian EVER. He's not even funny. But I agree with you about the pretty birds. :)