This Week's BuzzVideoBlogNet

This week it was my turn to come up with the question and challenge of the week and post it in a video on Sunday

Here's my video for Monday.

I was a little jealous/pissed when I saw that the other video posted for Buzz Video Blog Net (there are six of us, but only two of us posted last week) was featured. I know my video wasn't up to my usual standards, but I talked a lot more than the other girl. Her video was bad quality and lame. I have no idea why they would feature it. I've had two of my Tuesdays with Tish videos featured on Buzznet before. I guess I'm just going to have to step it up for my next videos. I think I'll add intros for each part like I did for Tuesdays with Tish. So stay tuned! I really hope ALL the girls post their videos this week!

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