My First Week Back at School

This past week was my first week of second semester. I have the same classes as last semester (Baking Theory, Shop Management, Baking Practical) as well as Cake Decorating and a stupid online Wine Appreciation class.

Monday- two boring note-taking classes starting at 12pm

Tuesday- Cake Decorating class at 2:30pm. I like the teacher because he's the only one I've have in this program that is actually Canadian and English. No accent. And he works in a vegetarian restaurant.

Wednesday- boring note-taking class at 1:30pm

Thursday- Baking Practical class at 8am (boo, early morning) and then a boring note-taking class

Friday- Baking Practical class at 8am. We have a new practical teacher this semester. He's so French he's hard to understand. I don't like him. He told me I couldn't have nail polish on. We made Black Forest Cake and pound cake and some other cakes and lined tart shells for next week. I always forget to take pictures during class, but I'll try to remember in the future.

Friday night was the Jeff Dunham show. If you haven't heard of him, I suggest you YouTube him immediately. He's so funny! Kim & her brother Neil (Neily to me) both got two tickets for Christmas so Kim brought me and Neily brought his friend Steph.

Kim can lick her elbow...So we decided to take a picture of her licking her elbow every place we go.Guitar Guy did his own short set and then there was an intermission before Jeff Dunham. They played old drive-in movie "go to the concession stand" cartoons during the intermission.I didn't want to be annoying with a flash so my pictures are blurry.

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